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Find Your Perfect House Plan

Green Team Design combines your ideas, wish list, pictures and pins 

into the perfect (custom) house plans you've been searching for.

We’ll walk you through the design process; making it fun and easy.

Mallard Pond

“I’ve searched high and low online for house plans and cannot find any that fit our family!”

You have the entire internet to search through, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack! "We like part of plan one plan; and most of this second plan. But, the whole house will need to be flipped for our lot ...and we actually want a home office off the primary suite. And one more thing, if we could just find something that incorporates the 'look' of this picture we found… "

Every situation is a little different, but they all share a common thread—these frustrations are are not uncommon! That’s why a custom home design is the best choice—one that considers your family (and not the average needs of 1000s of other families)!

Green Team Design will guide you through the design process, step by step, just like we have for 100s of other happy customers. Your search for the perfect plan ends here!

Green Team Design can start your project today.

Your Forever Home ...

We keep our “ego” out of the equation. It’s not about what we like, but about what you want. Of course, we’ll share opinions, suggestions and experience during the design process, but only in an effort to provide options. Our only agenda is a “forever home” design that checks “all your boxes”.

... On Your Timetable ...

Most plans are completed in 8 weeks. Our goal is always to keep your project momentum moving forward from beginning to end—this will require your participation.  :)

... To Save You Money

Our design costs are a fraction of what most architects charge and unlike some, residential design is all we specialize in (for over 20 years). The investment in a custom plan provides efficient use of space; construction, cost-saving, design considerations; and a family friendly layout that’s livable and useable.


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Mark from Green Team Designs was great to work with. You could tell from the first meeting that Mark was a professional and had a passion for what he did. He brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table when were going though the initial design stages. He delivered in a timely fashion on what we agreed to be completed, and went above and beyond to help us get the exact design we wanted for our home addition. We absolutely love our designs and can't wait to see it in real life once its built. I would definitely recommend Mark and his Green Team Design team to anyone looking for architectural designs and plans.Read More


What do you charge?

NEW HOMES: $2.00/sq.ft. HVAC; and $1.00/sq.ft. non-HVAC spaces (screened porches, outdoor living and entertaining, finished basement). No charge for an attached 2-3 car garage; a typical front porch; or rear deck or patio. ADDITIONS: Every project is unique. Design costs depend upon the complexity of the existing structure and project parameters. Most projects fall between $4,000-6,000.

What is included?

The set of construction drawings that I provide are typically referred to as a “builder’s set”. These plans have all the information that most building municipalities require in a set of plans.

Are there any other costs?

The estimate provided at the beginning of the project is the cost you'll pay on your final invoice. The only times these numbers do not match is when the design criteria "goal post" moves, or the project grows in scope.

What size homes do you design?

We've worked on over 800 homes. The majority of our projects have been in the 2,000 — 5,000 square foot range, but we’ve done larger and smaller homes as well.

What is the turn around time?

Most plans are completed in about 8 weeks. Our goal is always to keep your project momentum moving forward from beginning to end—this will require your participation.

What if I don’t like the plans?

Most times, our first draft gets us about 80% of the way toward your goal. From there we'll go through as many revisions as necessary to hit your design target. Historically, the only times we didn't reach our goal (maybe 1/100) is when the client chooses to not trust the process, and pulls out early. This is always unfortunate.

Will I own the plans?

Yes. Once paid for in full, you will own the plans and can use them, change them, sell or transfer them.

How many sets of plans will I receive?

We do not print or mail paper copies of plans. We supply pdfs which you or your builder can send to a local print shop and request as many copies as you need for yourself and any subs. Specify that plans be printed @ 100% (do not "fit to page").

Will my plans be stamped?

Plans may only be stamped by a licensed professional (ie. an architect or structural engineer). Not all building municipalities require this. If an engineer's stamp is required on your project, we can introduce you to an engineer. We have relationships with engineers licensed in several states.This will be a separate relationship, agreement, and cost structure.

Do you provide electrical, mechanical and plumbing plans?

Electrical: Most builders we've worked with do not require us to show an electrical plan. They estimate electrical based upon a combination of factors and provide an allowance from which to shop for (or select) fixtures. Once the house is framed, the builder and home owner do a walk-through and the builder marks studs with a marker for exact locations of outlets, switches and fixtures. Optionally, they may send a set of our plans to their electrician who will bid the electrical work. If one is needed, please let us know.

Mechanical: We've never once had a builder ask us to do mechanical plans. Builders provide either a physical set or a pdf of our plans to their HVAC subcontractor and they use them to size and layout the HVAC system, and produce their bid.

Plumbing: With the exception of houses built upon slab foundations, we've never once had builder ask us to do a plumbing plan. Builders supply a set of our plans to their plumbing subs who use them to produce their bids.

Can I get 3D perspectives or an animation walk through?

Perspective drawings with greyscale or default colors and textures will be provided (for free) throughout the design process to help you visualize your home's geometry in 3D. Further renderings and animation walk throughs (with higher levels of detail) with specific colors or added furniture, cabinetry and fixtures can be provided for an additional fee.