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1. We'll meet:

(in person or by phone) to briefly discuss the scope and direction of your project. At this point, we should have enough to give you an estimate of the design costs. Once you’re comfortable moving forward, we’ll email for your review, a design agreement, which outlines our working relationship and what we can expect from one another.

A signed agreement, along with a retainer, will get the job “officially” started. At this time we will also provide a project information form that will help guide you through the process of giving thought to each aspect of the project. Once we’ve back this form, we’ll have our initial design meeting to discuss and prioritize your “wish list”. We’ll ask questions to help you communicate your desires. Listening is our strong suit and our only agenda is to help you design what (you) are envisioning…NOT what we’re envisioning. Having a builder on the team at this early stage is a real asset! Among other things, he helps to keep both the client and the design team member on budget with his working knowledge of what things cost.

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2. Design phase:

Concept drawings are developed as a result of our meeting. They are kept very basic. Additional layers of details come later in the process as the design solidifies. But we never want to go too far “down the road” before getting a “nod” from the client that we are meeting expectations and headed in the right direction. Getting the basic layout, proportions and size down correctly (early on) is important to getting off to a good start.


3. Modeling:

The basic exterior design model begins to take shape and a 360º animation will help you get a feel of the structure’s geometry. As details are added, the model progresses but color is generally left off. You might option to pick your materials and colors and have your house more fully rendered (this is obviously a different house).


4. Plans:

Additional layers of details will begin to show up throughout this process as the house structure and layout becomes firmly established. Ultimately, a semi-completed drawing set will be sent to your builder for estimating.

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5. Finalize drawing:

We will make any revisions and finalize all the remaining details of your plans upon your approval.

Get the process started:

I agree that Green Team Design, Inc. can email and call me in response to my inquiry, as well as with tips and offers for similar services.