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We can meet in person, by zoom or phone to discuss the scope, direction, and timeline of your project. I’ll ask questions to help you communicate your desires. Listening is my strong suit and my only agenda is to help you design what (you) are envisioning—NOT what I'm envisioning. Having a builder on the team at this early stage is a real asset! Among other things, he helps to keep both the client and designer on budget with his working knowledge of what things cost. At the end of our meeting, I'll provide a verbal design estimate.

To begin a project, I’ll email three items:

  • a design agreement: a document that outlines our working relationship and what we're expecting from one another. This can be e-signed
  • a design criteria email: These are the organized notes from our meeting which outline your design goals. You'll have a chance to edit these if needed.
  • a retainer invoice: payment equal to 1/3rd of the cost is required to get started.
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1. SD (schematic design):

Concept drawings are developed as a result of our meeting. Sketches are to scale, but are kept very basic. Additional layers of details come later in the process as the design solidifies, but we never want to go too far down the road before getting a “nod” from the client that we are meeting expectations and headed in the right direction. Getting the basic layout, proportions and size down correctly (early on) is important to getting off to a good start.


2. DD (design development):

The basic exterior design model begins to take shape and a 360º animation will help you get a feel of the structure’s geometry. As details are added, the model progresses but color is generally left off. You might option to pick your materials and colors and have your house more fully rendered. Additional layers of details will begin to show up throughout this process as the house structure and layout becomes firmly established.


3. CD (construction documents):

The final notes, dimensions and details are added to complete your construction document set and we will proofread everything prior to delivery. Once you've had a chance to look things over, we'll make any final minor adjustments or corrections.

FYI, this drawing set is typically referred to as a "builder's set" and is widely accepted among builders I've worked with for over 20 years. As a result, this typical set is what my price structure is based upon. There are builders who may require additional drawings or detailing. If that's the case, we can discuss what, if any, "extras" may need to be added to the cost.