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Allow plenty of time to go through the entire pre-construction process. Our fees are more than offset by our ability to layout a house more efficiently, creatively and functionally, keeping unnecessary construction costs and wasted time down.

new construction: A simple design cost/sq.ft. will be outlined in our Design Agreement. In addition to the main living space, exterior living spaces, covered porches, decks, screened areas, and finished basements may need to be accounted for in the design cost. A retainer will be requested prior to starting.

additions: The goals and parameters for every (addition/remodeling) project is totally unique. Costs can go up or down depending on the complexity of the job. Some municipalities and townships (and some builders) require more detail which can also affect costs. An estimate will be outlined in our Design Agreement and a retainer will be requested prior to starting.

important: The following can lead to increased costs: lack of preparedness, ineffective communication, indecisiveness, changing your mind, leaving out information which affects the layout, difference of opinions between spouses, excessive phone calls and meetings.

Questions about design costs? Get in touch:

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