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Our fees are more than offset by our ability to layout a house more efficiently, creatively and functionally, keeping unnecessary construction costs and wasted time down.

New Construction: I charge $2.00/sq.ft. for HVAC space. In addition, extensive outdoor living spaces, and finished basements are charged at a reduced rate of $1.00/sq.ft. There is a minimum charge for projects under 2,500 sq.ft. NOTE: I do not charge for attached 2-3 car garages, a typical front porch or rear patio–they are included in the cost.

Additions: The goals and parameters for every addition, or remodeling project are unique. Costs vary depending on the complexity of the job but most projects come in between $4,000-6,000.

NOTE: For most projects, your estimate will match your final invoice. The only time those number do not match is when the house has grown more than 100 s.ft. from our agreement, or there's been a change in the design direction once we've started. NOTE: A retainer will be requested prior to starting all projects.